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Learn The Inner Secrets Of The Travel Industry And Discover
How You Can Make Big Money Even While Traveling The Globe

Wouldn't you love to find a real simple home-based business that drops all the hoopla and gives you a real opportunity to change your life? Well, you're going to learn all about a real business that's making an incredible difference in many peoples' lives every day, and it can change yours as well.

Spend some quiet time going through the rest of this website and watch the video for more details on how this can change your life. For once you've found the real deal--a real business you can run from home yet is part of a huge publicly traded company. The business is real, the earnings are real, the benefits are real and the support is real.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for a solid business or you just like to travel -- and you'd like to get paid for both -- check this out.

Do You Have What It Takes?
Are you sick and tired of the daily grind ?
Are you tired of making someone else rich?
Can you self-start when there's big money to be made ?
Do you know anyone who likes to travel?

What Do You Want?
To join a successful team of winners ?
To help other people enjoy life?
To be sure that the future is bright and prosperous for your family?

As stated before, this is not some hyped up spam program, door-to-door sales or chain letter scam. It's a real business. As in life, success in business is up to you. You're the one who makes it happen...and when you do, you'll enjoy all the rewards that success brings.

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revolutionary wealth

"I've been rich and I've been poor...
rich is better! "
-Mae West


Travel is now a 7 TRILLON DOLLAR industry worldwide and according to the U.N., there will be " expected global growth rate of 4%". That means that over ONE BILLION people will be traveling by 2010!

Now you can tap into this enormous industry and grab your share of that $7 trillion!

There's no better home based business than this ... and
there's no better time than now!

Three Real People With Real Stories
Here are three average families who have experienced
the FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT of success!

"Unbelievable Money"

"I'm going on vacation with friends when I would normally be working, and I'm spending weekends with my wife. I'm just a worker, an average person making unbelievable money. I'm making more money than doctors and lawyers. This business changes people's lives; it's not too good to be true."
-C.&K. G., Florida

"As a family"

"I was sick and tired of being sick and tired - and broke - so I answered an ad in the newspaper. With YTB you can do very well just being your own travel agent and telling people about travel. We're making more money than we were with the old business, but the greatest achievement we have is that we are able to do this as a family."
- K.&K. M., Missouri

"So Rewarding"

"I really like the integrity of this company. When these people say they're going to do something, they do. You're not selling lotions and potions, and you don't have to convince anyone of anything. It's been so rewarding. Now I'm freed up to do many things I've wanted to do for years."
-J.& K. H., Georgia

The above testimonials may not be representative of the experience of others.

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About The Business

The Real Secret To Financial Freedom Is To Find
A Home Business That's Part Of A Successful Team
And Has A Substantial Niche In A Successful Market !

We're part of the huge YTB Travel Network, currently number two (and soon to be number one) in the online travel industry. All of us involved are in the process of revolutionizing the travel industry while enjoying the comfort and freedom that success brings. This successful team is now part of a publicly traded company with a growing, major interest in the seven trillion dollar worldwide travel industry.

 Travel & tourism in the U.S. alone generate more than $1.3 trillion annually!
Almost 64 million people used the Internet to book travel in 2004!
 Over 300 people received bonuses of $1,000 in June of 2007 alone!
  Your business can be run from anywhere with a laptop and cell phone!
 The travel industry is growing 23 percent faster than the global economy!
 This is a real business providing real services for real money!

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What Do You Do In This Business?

 Simply direct people to your website to book their travel
 Tell all your friends, family and co-workers about your travel business
 Watch you business and income grow ... fast!

One of the best things about this business is that it's FUN! Who doesn't love to travel? It's great to find incredible bargains for yourself, book your travel on your own website and then get paid a commission for it--that's right, you can get paid commissions for your own travel.

But to really get into the serious money you tell others about your travels. Who? Anyone! Friends, family, co-workers, even complete strangers - everyone loves to hear about travel. Show them pictures. Tell them stories. Then, they go to your website and book their own travel. Why? Because you have the best deals, an easy to use website and because they heard it from you!
home based travel business

The website you receive is very professional and has your company name on it. Best of all it does NOT cost an arm and a leg--it's part of the package, along with training, mentors, a complete tracking system for commissions and everything.

Whenever you're ready for another step up in wealth building you can start introducing others to your online travel booking business. Why? Because others will see your success and want to know how they can do it too! Then you make money not only from their bookings, you even earn override commissions on bookings made from people they send to their website.

This business is so easy it can be deceptive. Many people simply cannot believe you're really working and making all that money while traveling around the globe like the rich and famous! But you can--and you will!


What You DON'T Do In This Business !!
  • You DON'T make lists of friends and family to pounce on
  • You DON'T spam, or send unsolicited emails
  • You DON'T mail postcards or chain letters
  • You DON'T go door to door begging people to buy something
  • You DON'T go to rah-rah meetings to recruit each other
  • You DON'T make cold calls to strangers

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Meet Our New Winners


Will & Gwen Walker
Financial Planners, Arizona

home business owner

We'd like to tell you a little about ourselves just so you know this isn't something that's difficult, boring or totally off the wall.

Gwen's brother, a real estate broker in North Carolina, told us about YTB and how to get involved for our own travel needs. It was great--we went to his website, booked our own travel, got a great deal and had a wonderful trip. Then he mentioned that we could save even more money by getting paid commissions for our own travel. That was just amazing!

Although we signed up six months ago, we just started telling others about this about three months ago. In that time we've taken trips and told just about everyone we've met about it. The result is we're already clearing an easy $1,000 per month and we're only doing this part time. We're already making plans to jump in full time because we can see the real potential in this $7 trillion industry--and we want a good part of it!

As financial planners for 20 years we already knew the benefits of being in business for ourselves. The freedom from a boss was great and the thought of no longer having to deal with employees and quirky customers made the most sense. But the best part turns out to be all the tax breaks and privileges you get as a real business. To really get free in this world you must have your own business and stop making others rich with your work...period.

There's nothing like this. We can talk with anybody about our latest trip and have their immediate attention. We call friends to tell them about our trips, we tell everyone from the bank teller to the checkout girl at the store--and many of them have seen what we saw and have started their own business as well. It's amazing how quick and easily this has grown only because we love to travel.

Now we're finding we have an amazing situation with some of those we have introduced to the travel world. Interestingly, several of our friends we showed this to are already making more money than we are. That's really amazing that in such a short time, those who are really into this full time are not only making a full time living at it, they're actually building wealth AND having others pay for their travel. Now that's some business!

By the end of this, our first year, we project that we'll be making a lot more each month than most people make in a year. Within two years we project we'll be making far more than we did in 20 years of financial planning with far fewer headaches as well. There's just never been anything quite like this before and we're absolutely ecstatic to be a part of it.


Holland windmills

Can YOU Do This ?

There is no reason for anyone to NOT be able to do this other than their own lack of motivation or interest. Everyone is traveling these days and everyone likes to talk about trips - so how hard can it be?

It boils down to you and how much you want to be successful...

 Can you follow a simple step-by-step system?
 Are you absolutely ready for a major change in your life?
 Are you trainable to follow the methods of other successful people?
 Are you a serious and motivated person ready to succeed ?
 Do you want to quickly build to high income and full time?
 Are you willing to put in some work to make this happen ?

Ask yourself these questions sincerely.
If you can answer 'yes' then there's no stopping you!


Frequently Asked Questions

business franchise Is this some sort of franchise ?
No it is not. Franchises are extremely expensive with long term ongoing costs that will bleed you dry unless you're lucky or own at least three. This is your own business under your own name simply affiliated with the YTB Travel Network. This gives you all the advantages of a long term franchise but without the costs.

 Do I have to sell something to people ?
NEVER. You don't have to sell people anything. If anything you simply see if they have any travel needs coming up--give them a card showing your website address and that's it. The best part of this is showing people how they can benefit by using your online booking system to save money and find a wide range of services. You can do nothing more than show people where your website is and wait for the commissions to come in. But later you'll want to answer questions from those people when they see how great your website is and how you get paid commissions for their travel. Then you just tell them about your trips and how they can have their website too--simple.

 How much can I make ?
Basically, as much or as little as you want.
How much you actually make will depend on how much time and effort you want to put into the business. Simply waiting for people to find your site among hundreds won't result in much income. Telling everyone you meet all about travel, your trips and how you get paid to travel can result in a lot. Think of this as getting in on Microsoft stock when it first opened. The published goal of the company is to become the largest online travel agency in the world and you can be part of that. Helping build that company will get you highly rewarded.

 How many hours a week does this take ?
Again this can be totally up to you. To start
part time you should allow 5 to 10 hours per week (1 to 2 hours a day) to learn the systems and what you're offering to people who visit your website. Most likely, once you see how easy this is and start making money you'll probably want to go full time as quickly as possible. You can work whenever you like--no clock to punch and no one looking over your shoulder. Best of all you can work in your underwear from home or in a bathing suit in Barbados.

 What kind of training and support do I get ?
Absolutely the best.
There are many more around you who are already making money at this business and, even though you may not know them, most will help you whenever you need it. There is mentoring available plus tons of online and offline information. Additional training in things like running a business, booking support, cruises, group tours and many other areas are available constantly. There are conference calls every day of the week except Sunday, and even then some people set up their own to help each other. You're never alone in this business because the more we all work together to help become the biggest in the industry, the more we all make.

 Is this going to keep costing me more and more ?
Not at all. While any business costs money to start and operate, this one is a bit different.
YTB wants its agents to be successful because that helps us all.
The initial cost of startup is very low, especially when compared to franchises and other business models. You can even start for nothing just to check it out, but to have the operational website with all the benefits and services costs a small signup charge and monthly operations fee. The high immediate cash flow that is possible should have you paid out fully very quickly.

- There is no selling required.
- You have full support and materials.
- No need to buy products and fill up your garage.
- You can work when you want, where you want, your choice.
- The sky is truly the limit and you're only limited by your desire !

revolutionary wealth  How fast can I make money ?
How fast can you tell other people what you're doing? You can simply show a lot of people how to book at your site but regular travel commissions can take some time. As mentioned before, the big money really comes in when you introduce others to exactly what you're looking at now and they sign up to become an agent just like you. You then get a signing bonus and qualify for override commissions on their bookings. The goal here is to help build the entire company with more qualified agents and the company rewards everyone nicely for that effort.

 How do I sell this to people ?
You don't. You're not here to be a salesman, but rather to he
lp others find a convenient and easy way to book their own travel--and you get paid for that. The second step is to simply tell others about how you became a travel agent making money when they book their travel through your website. That's really all there is to it--no pressure, no hype and no games. It's as easy as asking anyone, "What sort of vacation are you planning this year?". After they talk your arm off telling you all about it, you simply show them where they can get great deals on travel--and that's all there is to it.

Can I travel for free ?
Sorry but no. There are many "fam" or familiarization trips available to agents throughout the year that are very inexpensive. These trips are usually very cheap because various hotels and tours cover much of the cost. Why? They want to wine and dine you so you'll recommend their products. This is one of the best perks of the entire business! How cheap? Some recent trips included 5 days cruising the Greek Islands for $399 and an 11 day cruise to Alaska for $799...and that included the airfare!

In a nutshell...
This is a very easy, home-based business you can start up and operate very inexpensively, both in time and money. You can go as big or stay as small as you want. Many of us simply use the position for great deals on travel for ourselves; others tell everyone they meet all about it and have many others working with them.

It's totally up to you--how many hours you work, how much money you want to make and how soon you want to make it. All this without employees, overhead, hassles or office expenses you'd normally find in typical businesses. Even better--no commute and no boss !!

Just remember--there is no explaining, selling or persuading. Ask anyone how their vacation was or what they have planned for their next vacation. You'll probably be there for an hour! Everyone loves to talk about travel and vacation -- so take advantage of it.

Why not let someone else pay for your travel and vacations?


Now It's Up To YOU !


If you've read this far then you probably have what it takes.

As stated before this is an easy business. It's easy to understand, it's easy to operate and it's easy to tell others about--what could be better? This is all about getting your fair share of a $7 TRILLION industry.

You can be a champion of your life!

So What Do You Do Now?

Step 1: Learn About The Business

Click the button below to watch a short video that gets into more detail about how you can get involved in the entire process. This is a very good show with a wealth of information about all aspects of the business. On this page you can also click to read about the compensation, the corporation and even sign up to join us in this incredible travel business!

Click here to see the video for more info

Step 2: Read About The Success of Others

You should also request a FREE copy of our Success From Home magazine that has lots of stories about regular people actually making a success at this business. Inside you'll find our combo CD/DVD that has a lot more information about the business as well. Read the articles and watch the DVD as soon as you receive it - you'll be glad you did!

Real People Making Real Money - From HOME!

Step 3: Sign Up and Get Going Right Away!!

Take this step now and secure your future in one of the most exciting business opportunities available to anyone today! Low cost, huge business, fun travel and lots of other great people right there with you. It just makes sense.

Sign up NOW!

One Last Thought--Don't Wait!


Those of us in the YTB Travel Network are located throughout the US (and soon into Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia) but we need you NOW!! But don't delay--the sooner you get in the sooner you start traveling like a pro and making money!

Join us TODAY!


If you have any questions now or after watching the presentation, please use the button below to send an email for an immediate answer.

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